Post-fitting surveys of your contact lens patients is extremely important. A call is simply made by staff member two to three weeks after each multifocal fit, asking questions such as:

Hello, my name is _______. The reason I'm calling is to see how you are doing with your contact lenses

  1. When you came in were you greeted in a timely manner?

  2. Were you satisfied with your eye exam and did the doctor answer all your questions?

  3. Were your charges explained to you before you got to check out?

  4. How are you enjoying your new contact lenses?

  5. Do you have any questions about your contact lenses?

Things to Remember

Make sure that you are the one recommending innovative technology to your patients. You certainly don't want them hearing about multifocal contact lenses from their friends or worse yet, another doctor. Think about relationship building when dealing with all patients for a more satisfying and rewarding life as an eye care professional.