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Find up-to-date Bausch + Lomb Surgical videos here including; Crystalens AO, enVista IOL, Trulign Toric IOL, and Victus Femtosecond Laser Platform. Sign up below; we will let you know when new videos are added!

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Doug Katsev, MD - Capsule Polishing 

Doug Katsev, MD - Lens insertion & Rotation video 

Doug Katsev, MD - Viscoelastic removal and
watertight incision 

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BLIS (Bausch + Lomb
Injector System)

Anil Shivaram, MD -
enVista Insertion 

Mitch Jackson, MD - enVista
Lens Insertion

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Jeff Whitman, MD
Toric Marker

Jeff Whitman, MD
Cortical Cleanup 

Jeff Whitman, MD
Capsule Polishing 

Jeff Whitman, MD - Lens
Insertion & Rotation Video 

Jeff Whitman, MD
Wound Hydration

Rob Weinstock, MD
Complete Trulign Toric Case 

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