The Bausch + Lomb SofPort Advanced Optics Aspheric Lens System can revolutionize your practice. This IOL provides your cataract patients with exceptional postoperative vision quality and contrast sensitivity.

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With uniform lens power from center to edge, the SofPort AO lens is a more "forgiving" optic design that should minimize deterioration of optical performance in the event of decentration.

Key Features & Benefits

  • proven 3-piece silicone IOL - implanted in millions of eyes around the world
  • aberration-free aspheric optics - enhances contrast sensitivity, doesn't reduce depth of field, doesn't induce aberrations when decentered
  • 360-degree posterior square edge - reduces PCO
  • Easy-load inserter - no need to touch lens, fully disposable, one-handed planar delivery
  • indicated for placement in capsular bag and ciliary sulcus

SofPort Advanced Optics Aspheric Lens System

  • The SofPort AO Lens is designed to be aberration free and thus reduce spherical aberration for better vision quality relative to standard spherical IOLs.1
  • Optical performance is unaffected by optic decentration or pupil size due to uniform center-to-edge power.1
  • More predictable and repeatable refractive outcomes with a broader patient population can be expected.

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