Specifically formulated for fluoro silicone acrylate and silicone acrylate rigid gas permeable contact lenses, Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner is a simple and convenient way to effectively remove protein deposits from rigid gas permeable contact lenses on a weekly basis. This clear, odorless enzymatic cleaner works together with the disinfecting step, right in the lens case, replacing enzymatic tablets and eliminating the need for separate vials. For use with any Boston Conditioning Solutions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Convenient liquid works together with the disinfecting step, right in the lens case
  • Easy to use ComfortHold dispenser
  • Reduces the adherence of and helps remove protein deposits which can impair the wearing comfort of GP lenses.


  • To open, twist the tab off the single-use container
  • Squeeze container to release 2 drops of Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner into each lens well already filled with any Boston Conditioning Solution. Soak lenses for at least four (4) hours (or overnight) before wearing. Always use fresh solution for soaking and storing lenses
  • Discard container immediately after use.
  • After soaking, remove from the lens case, rub and rinse lenses for approximately five (5) seconds with any Boston Conditioning or Multi-Action Solution to ensure that the enzymatic cleaner is thoroughly rinsed off the lenses. DO NOT USE TAP WATER FOR THIS FINAL RINSE.
  • Apply fresh conditioning solution to wet the lenses for additional cushioning, if desired, and insert.
  • Discard solution from the lens case immediately and thoroughly clean interior of lens case with hot water and air dry after each use.


Preservative-free, sterile, aqueous solution containing:

  • Proteolytic enzyme (subtilisin)
  • Glycerol


  • Do not use this solution if patient is allergic to any ingredient in this product.
  • Not for use with Soft (Hydrophilic) Contact Lenses.


  • Store this solution at room temperature.
  • Use before expiration date on the container.

Package Size

Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner is supplied in 12 Sterile Single-Use Dispensers 0.01 FL OZ EA (0.3 mL EA)

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