Bausch + Lomb creates contact lenses that are ideal for current astigmatic spectacle wearers who want the convenience of contact lenses; and spherically masked astigmatic patients looking for better visual acuity.

PureVision Toric Contact Lenses
PureVision Toric For Astigmatism contact lenses - the exceptional stability and vision you’ve come to expect from our Lo-Torque design– with the ocular health benefits of silicone hydrogel.
PureVision2 Toric For Astigmatism
PureVision2 For Astigmatism contact lenses
PureVision2 For Astigmatism contact lenses are designed to reduce spherical aberration across both the cylinder and sphere meridians of the lens for incredible vision, plus Align Design – delivers outstanding stability for consistently crisp, clear vision.
SofLens Toric For Astigmatism Contact Lenses
SofLens Toric contact lenses are a lens fit for all astigmatic patients. The unique Lo-Torque design clearly means stability, visual acuity, comfort, and ease of fit.
SofLens daily disposables Toric for Astigmatism
SofLens daily disposables Toric for Astigmatism offers crisp, stable vision and comfort throughout the day for astigmatic patients—all a great opening price point.
Optima Toric Contact Lenses
A low water content prism-ballasted toric soft lens manufactured using patented Toric Generating lathe-cutting technology and designed for use in the correction of astigmatism on a daily wear basis.