SofLens daily disposables Toric for Astigmatism


SofLens daily disposables Toric for Astigmatism offers crisp, stable vision and comfort throughout the day for astigmatic patients—all a great opening price point.  This lens design combines Bausch + Lomb’s expertise in toric technology with the convenience and health of a daily disposable lens.

SofLens daily disposable lenses for astigmatism leverages our Lo-Torque design to help keep the lens exceptionally stable during wear. In addition, it also leverages High Definition Optics, designed to reduce spherical aberration by refocusing light to a single point for sharp, clear vision throughout the day.

Along with Bausch + Lomb’s other daily lens options, SofLens daily disposables Toric for Astigmatism provide fresh, new lenses every day in a replacement frequency that patients’ tend to be more compliant with—which helps patients keep their eyes healthy.

Comfort. Vision. Convenience. All at a great value.


SofLens daily disposables Toric for Astigmatism comes in a 3x30 pack formation—creating the standard 90 pack offering and is currently available in limited quantities.

Key Features & Benefits

Crisp, Sharp Vision

  • Unique to other daily disposables, SofLens daily disposables help reduce spherical aberration across a range of lens powers, providing High Definition Optics that help improve contrast of the retinal image to provide crisp vision.


  • Reduced mass design and the wetting agent have been combined to help provide a thin lens with a wettable surface for outstanding all day comfort.

Convenient & Easy Handling

  • The hilafilcon B polymer helps reduce tearing

Lo-Torque Design

  • Prism ballasting geometry provides fast, stable orientation and optimized thickness from apex to base of lens to help provide uniform fitting across the entire lens range

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