Bausch + Lomb Ultra Contact Lenses with MoistureSeal technology

Break the Cycle of Discomfort - For unsurpassed comfort and vision all day1*

Patients are spending more time on digital devices which may mean they are less satisfied with their contact lenses.2

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology

A break-through technology for your patients – Bausch + Lomb  ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology:

  • Best-in-class oxygen transmissibility, water content and modulus.5*
  • More patients agree: provides superior overall comfort and vision.1*
  • Greater satisfaction increases patient retention and referrals.4

More patients agreed that Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology provided better comfort while using digital devices over the leading silicone hydrogel lenses.1

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology provide:

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses provide Comfort, Health and Vision

Learn more about the breakthrough MoistureSeal technology:

Best-in-class physical properties help deliver best-in-class overall performance5:

Ultra Best-in-Class
† Measured water content

Key Features & Benefits

  • MoistureSeal technology to help prevent lens dryness.3
  • Unique combination of Dk/t, modulus and water content.5
  • Provides superior end-of-day vision* for digital device users.1

We recommend targeting the following contact lens patients for excellent results:

  • Patients spending long hours using digital devices such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops
  • Patients experiencing end of day discomfort
  • Patients experiencing blurriness or visual fluctuations
  • Monthly and 2-week wearers looking for improvements in overall contact lens comfort or vision


Material: samfilcon A
Technology: MoistureSeal
Water content: 46%
Transmissibility (Dk/t): 163 at center of a -3.00D diopter
Lens design technology: Aspheric optics to reduce inherent and induced spherical aberration
Base curve: 8.5 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm Center thickness: 0.07 mm at -3.00D
Powers: +6.00D to -12.00D in 0.50D steps above -6.00D
Visibility tint: Light blue
Modality: Monthly; Daily wear indication

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology : Additional information

* Among the leading silicone hydrogel lenses

1. Results from a 22-investigator, multi-site study of Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology, on 327 current silicone hydrogel lens wearers. After 7 days of wear, subjects completed an online survey. Subjects rated performance across a range of attributes. Preference comparisons represent only those subjects expressing a preference. Ratio is based on the average across the silicone hydrogel lenses represented in the study.
2. Kadence International Exploring Contact Lens Drop-off May 2013
3. Results of an in vitro study in which Bausch + Lomb ULTRA, ACUVUE OASYS, AIR OPTIX AQUA, and Biofinity contact lenses were placed on a model cornea with 0.18 μm of spherical aberration. Images were acquired every 10 seconds up to 30 seconds and analyzed using pattern matching algorithms. A score for each 10-second interval is determined by comparing how closely the test image matches the time 0 image. Mean scores over the 30-second interval were determined and compared.
4. Harvard Business Review. Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work. -service-profit-chain-to-work. Accessed November 13, 2013.
5. Data on file. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated. Rochester, NY; 2013.

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