SofLens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses


Now, exceptional vision comes with incredible comfort.

Bausch + Lomb SofLens daily disposable lenses are the first and only daily disposables with High Definition™ Optics, an aspheric design that reduces spherical aberration over a range of powers – which means exceptional vision all day, and especially in low light.


They are also the only lenses with ComfortMoist Technology – a combination of thin lens design and slow-releasing packaging solution that provides outstanding all-day comfort.

Visual Quality vs. Competitive Lenses

Comfort vs. Competitive lenses

Ideal for Teens

Key Features & Benefits

  • High Definition Optics, an aspheric design that reduces spherical aberration over a range of powers
  • ComfortMoist Technology provides outstanding all-day comfort
  • As affordable as the leading two-week lenses.3
  • Eye Care Professional Testimonials

Crisp, clear vision

SofLens daily disposable contact lenses are designed to reduce spherical aberration across the range of lens powers.

  • Designed with an aspheric anterior surface to improve contrast of the retinal image
  • Delivers exceptional visual quality – especially in low-light conditions

-1.00D with SofLens daily disposable lenses

Outstanding all-day comfort

  • Reduced mass lens design creates a smooth transition between the mid-peripheral and peripheral zones
  • Facilitates a smooth lens/lid interaction during blinking
  • The non-ionic hilafilcon B lens material minimizes protein uptake for long-lasting comfort


Comfort-supporting packaging solution

  • Unique lens storage solution works with tears and envelopes lenses in a cushion of moisture.

Easy handling

  • Convenient lens pack with easy-to-grip tab and tear-away label
  • Ergonomic blister pack enables smooth lens removal
  • Excellent handling for easy lens insertion and removal



hilafilcon B

Water Content:


FDA Material Group:


Oxygen Transmission (Dk/t):

24.0 @ -3.00D

Manufacturing Method:


Base Curve:

8.6 mm




+6.50D to -9.00D
(0.25D steps, 0.50D steps
above -6.50D)

Optical Zone:

9.0 mm @ (-3.00D)

Center Thickness:

0.09 mm @ (-3.00D)

Visibility Tint:

Light blue


Posterior geometry – central spherical zone with tangential peripheral bevel zone

Package Size:


*A total of 133 contact lens patients completed a 2-week evaluation of SofLens daily disposable contact lenses. Patients were instructed to wear the lenses on a daily wear, daily disposable basis. At the completion of the study, patients and practitioners provided feedback on the performance of SofLens daily disposable contact lenses compared to their habitual lenses.


SofLens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses : Additional information

1 Distance images represent simulated retinal images. These simulated retinal images were created using Visual Optics Lab (Sarver and Associates, Inc., Carbondale, Illinois), and represent viewing the theater sign at a distance of approximately 150 feet over a 6 mm pupil. The right image represents the retinal image in the absence of any spherical aberrations. The left image represents the effects of +0.15 μm of spherical aberration (population average: Thibos LN, et al. J Opt Soc Am A. 2002; 19:2329-2348). Individual results may vary.

2 Forty subjects participated in an evaluation of spherical aberration with SofLens daily disposable contact lenses. Subjects were dilated to achieve a minimum of 6 mm pupil diameter. Baseline spherical aberration was measured using a Zywave™ aberrometer. SofLens daily disposable contact lenses (-1.00D and -5.00D) were inserted, and the measurement of spherical aberration was repeated. Wavefront aberration maps and simulated retinal images were generated using Vision Optics Laboratory software. The letter represents a 20/80 letter size viewed through a 6 mm pupil and an eye with no other aberration except for spherical aberration.

3 Based on manufacturer's rebate and annual savings on contact lens solution.

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