With the strength of the Bausch + Lomb name behind it, Bausch + Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) is turning the promise of overnight orthokeratology (Ortho-K) into reality -- creating more satisfied patients and more successful practices.

For your patients

With the Bausch + Lomb VST process, you can give your patients the visual freedom they long for -- freedom to see the world sharply and crisply, without glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Offer those who aren't ready for, or who aren't candidates for, LASIK surgery a safe alternative for device-free vision correction. 

Plus, it works with a wide range of patients, including low to moderate myopes (-1.00D to -5.00D) and low astigmats (up to -1.50D cylinder).

More importantly, Bausch + Lomb VST delivers outstanding device-free visual acuity. In recent studies, 94.8% of Bausch + Lomb VST patients achieved visual acuity equal to or better than 20/40, and 80% were within .50D of their targeted correction.

For your practice

70% of patients surveyed about Bausch + Lomb VST expressed a positive intent in purchasing it. Why? Because they're intrigued by the notion of correcting their vision while they sleep. Because they're ready to live life without glasses or contact lenses. And because some of them aren't ready or aren't candidates for something as permanent as LASIK vision correction. With Bausch + Lomb VST, you can satisfy this growing patient need. And because Bausch + Lomb VST is an ongoing process and a service only you can provide, you can build a more loyal patient base. Plus, as a certified provider, you'll receive all the materials you need to successfully integrate Bausch + Lomb VST into your practice: staff training tools, in-office signage, educational brochures and flashcards, and direct-to-consumer marketing materials.