Zirgan (ganciclovir ophthalmic gel) 0.15%

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ZIRGAN (ganciclovir ophthalmic gel) 0.15% is a topical ophthalmic antiviral that is indicated for the treatment of acute herpetic keratitis (dendritic ulcers).

Important Safety Information

  • ZIRGAN is indicated for topical ophthalmic use only.

  • Patients should not wear contact lenses if they have signs or symptoms of herpetic keratitis or during the course of therapy with ZIRGAN.

  • Most common adverse reactions reported in patients were blurred vision (60%), eye irritation (20%), punctate keratitis (5%), and conjunctival hyperemia (5%).

  • Safety and efficacy in pediatric patients below the age of 2 years have not been established.

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Zirgan is a trademark of Laboratoires Théa Corporation used under license.