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Myth #5 "Patients won't pay more for multifocal contact lenses."

Myth #5 "Patients won't pay more for multifocal contact lenses."

If we look historically across a wide range of product categories we would find this is indeed a myth. With almost every new innovation, we find that consumers want to try new things and are willing to pay more to get better outcomes. In fact, recent studies in the eye care industry show that the large majority (90%) of current contact lens patients are interested in discussing innovations in contact lenses with their practitioner, and have an increased appreciation for eye care professionals who inform them about new technology.1

A common assumption when considering fitting multifocal lenses is that the higher cost will deter patients from wanting to try this alternative. As eye care practitioners, it's our responsibility to give patients every opportunity to take advantage of the newest technologies, explain the options and provide our professional recommendation so patients can make informed decisions. Presuming certain options are too expensive for patients could undermine not only the application of your clinical expertise but also your patient's comprehensive understanding. Once potential options have been discussed, the patient will decide which option is right for them, including their desire to pay a premium for advanced technology that provides crisp, binocular vision and healthy eyes.

One of the key reasons a premium option such as Bausch + Lomb PureVision Multi-Focal lenses is so promising is the growth of the target audience for these products - aging baby boomers who are now between the ages of 43 and 61. 'Boomers' make up the largest share of the population, are in their peak earning years - and typically make up a family of dual wage earners. They represent one of the largest and most economically capable segments of your patient base. Many often have both the desire and means to take advantage of the benefits of specialty contact lenses.

Technology upgrades in contact lenses offer a great opportunity to improve patient satisfaction by meeting the changing expectations and lifestyle demands of presbyopes at all stages: longer wear times, increased clarity for intermediate vision tasks, and the desire to have a "healthy appearance" - clear, white eyes without reading glasses. The superior optics, unique surface and silicone hydrogel material of the Bausch + Lomb PureVision Multi-Focal lens addresses these patient needs.

Experience has shown that there is a great deal of value in vision correction that really works for patients. And thanks to valuable manufacturer guarantees such as the Bausch & Lomb 120-day performance guarantee, we make it virtually a risk-free proposition for our patients. This guarantee ensures patients are completely satisfied with their Bausch & Lomb PureVision® Multi-Focal lenses.

1 Results from a 2005 independent survey of 300 current contact lens wearers conducted by SHC & Associates.