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The Power of Referrals - Multi-Focal contact lenses

Presbyopes Eye to Eye

Here's what patients are saying about Bausch + Lomb Multi-Focal contact lenses:

Exceptional Comfort and Vision

“Thank you for contacting me about being fitted for your Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal contact lenses. I have been to my eye doctor and am now wearing these lenses. They are very comfortable and my vision (near, far and in between) is phenomenal!!! Thank you for such a wonderful product. I will be wearing these lenses for life.”
- Lee-Ann, OR

“…These multi-focal lenses (and the fact they are contacts and so comfortable to wear) are the answers this school secretary’s prayers! I tell you they're great for work but also for everything, driving, reading walking and seeing whose coming down the hall… great for seeing anything! I tell you I love them and just wanted to thank your company for implementing such a great idea and then the free trial-terrific! Thanks much, a new customer for life!”
– Pam

Impact to your Patients

“Rarely, if ever, has a product truly revolutionized my life. You have done so with the development of your Multi-Focal Contact Lenses. I read about your product and took advantage of the free trial offer. That night I was able to read the newspaper without my reading glasses for the first time in over five years! It is simply amazing. I am a police officer and my vision is essential. Often times I find myself in situations without my reading glasses and it is both frustrating and dangerous. Your product has changed that for me, and for that I thank you. The only problem I have is what should I do with the eight pairs of now useless reading glasses I have scattered about?”
– Bill, New Jersey

“I LOVE these lenses………………….. They are the best thing that has happened to me since being saddled with glasses. Thank you very much.”
- Rex

Powerful Word of Mouth Advertising

“Thank you! Thank you! I just tried my first pair of multi-focal contacts and absolutely LOVE them. I have worn hard contacts for over 30 years and have needed to wear bifocals glasses to see up close, but these new contacts are great! I am able to type this with just using my new contacts and couldn't be happier! Thanks again. A huge fan. I will share this with everyone I know!”
- Pat

“I started wearing your contact lenses 3 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE them. I Can see better now than I have in years!!! I have, and will continue, to tell my friends about them!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Marcy

Freedom from Readers

“This is the most wonderful product I've ever found. I can't tell you how happy I was to toss my readers -- I did cartwheels out of the optometrist's office…Thanks so much -- please don't ever stop making them.”
– Tom, Oak Park

“They are great! Best 2 words I have heard in a long time... goodbye readers.”
– Gerry, Brea

“Yes...I did say goodbye to my readers... I did get eyes checked & got Rx for PureVision multifocal lenses...They are the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn...I can not even feel them...I keep reaching for my glasses and then realize that I can see without them....Reading, intermediate and distance vision is great w/them...Keep up the great work”
- TJ

*Data on file, Bausch & Lomb, Inc.