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Acanthamoeba keratitis (fluorescein)
Acanthamoeba keratitis (fluorescein)
Advanced peripheral corneal epithelial hypertrophy
Bubbles and staining beneath rigid lens (fluorescein)
Bullous keratopathy
Cellophane corneal foreign body
Central corneal clouding
Central corneal clouding
Central corneal clouding
Central corneal erosion
Central corneal staining
Central penetrating corneal injury
Chemical burn cornea
Chronic corneal oedema
Cleaner toxicity reaction in GP lens wearer
Coalesced superficial corneal staining (fluorescein)
Congenital corneal opacities granular corneal dystrophy
Corneal abrasion from Q tip
Corneal dellen following 3 and 9 o'clock staining
Corneal dellen staining (fluorescein)
Corneal erosion caused by central crack in GP lens (fluorescein)
Corneal indentation from tight fitting GP lens
Corneal oedema
Corneal trauma caused by ferrous material in soft lens wearer
Corneal ulcer
Corneal ulcer
Corneal ulcer associated with extended wear
Corneal ulcer fluorescein
Corneal wrinkling (fluorescein)
Corneal wrinkling (photokeratoscopic image)
Crystalline deposits in cornea following soft lens extended wear
Deep epithelial abrasion with rigid lenses
Deep epithelial scarring in long term PMMA lens wear
Dellen adjacent to pinguecula
Diffuse staining due to toxicity reaction
Dimple veiling
Dimple veiling beneath rigid lens
Dimple veiling beneath rigid lens
Dimple veiling with rigid lens (fluorescein)
Dimple veiling with rigid lens (solved) (fluorescein)
Early peripheral corneal epithelial hypertrophy (fluorescein)
Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy
Epithelial bullae in soft lens wearer
Epithelial erosion caused by foreign body beneath rigid lens
Epithelial plug
Epithelial plug (fluorescein)
Epithelial vacuole eruption
Fischer Schweitzer epithelial mosaic
Fischer-Schweitzer epithelial mosaic (fluorescein)
Foreign body track stain
Herpes keratitis
Herpes keratitis
Idiopathic bilateral mid-peripheral corneal rings (direct illumination)
Idiopathic bilateral mid-peripheral corneal rings (sclerotic scatter)
Infiltrative keratitis
Infiltrative keratitis
Infiltrative keratitis
Intra epithelial foreign body
Map Fingerprint epithelial dystrophy
Microsporidial infection
Microsporidial infection (fluorescein)
Multiple paper cuts on cornea
Neurotrophic keratitis (fluorescein)
Optic section of corneal dellen from GP lens wear
Pathology induced corneal distortion
Peripheral corneal dystrophy
Poor blinking with rigid lens induces peripheral staining
Prominent corneal nerves
Pseudodendritic keratitis
Pseudodendritic keratitis secondary to chemical disinfection
Regeneration of above case
Retro illumination of central corneal epithelial abrasion
Sattlers veil in aphakic eye
Scarring caused by above lens
Smile stain
Smile stain (fluorescein)
Soft lens associated corneal hypoxia syndrome (SLACH)
Specular microscopy of corneal epithelium
Staining caused by hole in disposable lens (fluorescein)
Sterile peripheral ulcer
Subepithelial corneal infiltrates
Superficial epithelial arcuate lesion (fluorescein)
Superior corneal abrasion
Superior epithelial arcuate lesion (SEAL) (fluorescein)
Superior peripheral dimple veil
Thygessons epithelial keratopathy
Toxic corneal erosion (left eye) (fluorescein)
Toxic corneal erosion (right eye) (fluorescein)
Toxic reaction of corneal epithelium
Transformation of corneal epithelium into conjunctival tissue
Wrinkling of superior basement membrane