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Give your patients a cushion of comfort – one part of the power of 3 in renu fresh solution.

Delivers sustained conditioning of lenses with longer wetting time

• renu fresh solution delivers significantly longer wetting than OPTI-FREE Express1
• Poloxamine provides sustained wettability and conditioning of the lens surface

Renu Surface Tension 

Effectively cleans and removes protein deposits that accumulate during wear

There are two types of proteins – native proteins and denatured proteins  

Native proteins

  • Proteins in their naturally occurring state
  • Perform healthy functions within the eye

Native Protein 

Transparent, normal, and easily removed with a simple soak (even saline)

Denatured proteins

  • Proteins altered by certain conditions (heat, oxidation, etc.)
  • No longer function beneficially
  • Opaque and bind strongly to lenses – can reduce comfort, visual acuity, and cause adverse ocular events

Denatured Protein 

Lenses photographed under dark field illumination at approximately 7x magnification

renu fresh solution features the unique ingredient Hydranate – to effectively clean and remove protein deposits

  • Attaches to proteins and separates them from the lens surface

Disperses proteins to prevent them from re-attaching to the lens

Renu Fresh Preferred 2 

Provides silicone hydrogel patients with a cushion of comfort – all day, every day

Rated by patients to outperform OPTI-FREE solutions on key comfort measures
In a study of nearly 400 silicone hydrogel patients, renu® fresh™ solution was rated significantly higher2
Preferred by silicone hydrogel patients over OPTI-FREE solutions When asked which solution they prefer, the overwhelming majority of these patients chose renu fresh solution2

Renu fresh preferred

1 An in vitro study evaluated the release of wetting agents from Group IV contact lenses. Lenses were soaked overnight in either renu fresh (ReNu MultiPlus®) solution or OPTI-FREE Express. Lenses were rinsed with phosphate buffered saline at a rate approximating tear film secretions for an eight-hour period. At designated times, surface tension (dynes/cm) of wetting agents rinsed from the lens was calculated using saline as the control and compared to the surface tension for the multipurpose solutions. The results are an indication that renu fresh (ReNu MultiPlus) solution remains present on lens surfaces longer than competitive products.

2 Results from a multi-site clinical study in which 45 investigators enrolled OPTI-FREE Express subjects and OPTI-FREE RepleniSH subjects who were wearing silicone hydrogel lenses (Bausch + Lomb PureVision contact lenses, CIBA Night & Day, CIBA O2OPTIX, ACUVUE Advance, and ACUVUE Oasys). Subjects (201 OPTI-FREE Express and 187 OPTI-FREE RepleniSH) rated their habitual lens care solution on a variety of performance attributes. Assessments were made using a 10-point scale with 10 representing “totally agree” and 1 representing “totally disagree.” After two weeks of using Bausch + Lomb renu fresh multi-purpose solution with a rub regimen, subjects rated renu fresh solution on the same attributes and participated in a forced-choice preference questionnaire. At two weeks, investigators also participated in a forced-choice preference questionnaire.