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Patented Design

Boston MultiVision: uniquely designed to follow the natural topography of the cornea, with patented aspheric zones resulting in a junctionless back surface.


  • Elliptical Optic Zone provides distance vision
  • Hyperbolic Zone provides the plus power
  • Fillet Curve is a mathematically determined lathed area between the Hyperbolic and Elliptical fitting Zones
  • Elliptical Fitting Zone (also known as inverse geometry) allows for controlled edge lift
  • Controlled Edge Lift is similar throughout the base curve range

Designed For Simple Fit

The mathematically calculated combination of an elliptical fitting curve, optic zone, and single diameter means you only need to specify power and your choice of 11 base curves to fit the majority of your early presbyopic patients. Unlike other multifocal contact lenses, Boston MultiVision uses an alignment fitting philosophy. The only fitting parameters required are power and base curve and that means less chair time.

Designed For Patient Comfort

With a unique back surface profile that's engineered to control edge lift for optimal edge clearance and comfort.

Material Performance You Can Count On

Specify new Boston MultiVision for early presbyopic patients who need a nominal add power up to +2.00D. It's made from Boston ES® GP lens material with patented AERCOR architecture.

  • Daily wear Dk of 18
  • Offers enhanced wetting and deposit resistance for increased visual acuity
  • Provides excellent material durability and stiffness for long lens life