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Meet the presbyopes: Adjusting to a major life change

Today's emerging presbyopes view their changing vision as a major life event. In fact, many describe the experience as their first time feeling old, which can incite feelings of disbelief, denial, and sadness.

Emerging presbyopes will have many questions about what is happening to them

  • Eye care professionals who proactively address these questions help emerging presbyopes feel more comfortable about their changing vision.

Despite their feelings of uncertainty, patients still want to stay in contact lenses

  • 52% have worn contact lenses for at least five years1
  • 92% want to stay in contact lenses as they become presbyopic2
  • Without a solution, these patients can decide to drop out of contact lenses 
  • Giving them excellent vision to continue performing everyday tasks
  • Allowing them to stay in contact lenses and maintain a youthful appearance
  • Eliminating the hassles of reading glasses

Prescribe the multifocal lenses that keep your patients feeling like themselves — Bausch + Lomb Multi-Focal Contact Lenses

1 2008 Gallup Study of the Consumer Contact Lens Market

2 2007 Gallup Study of Vision Correction Needs and Solutions of Adults 45-65