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More patients are becoming presbyopic than ever before.


With millions of patients entering into presbyopia, it’s more important than ever to be able to serve their needs.

That’s why Bausch + Lomb has created a five-part informational series to give you
valuable insights on emerging presbyopes. In every part of this series, you’ll learn:

  • Who the new generation of presbyopes are
  • What they seek in vision correction
  • How you can reach them

Emerging presbyopes: an outstanding growth opportunity for your practice


Market potential for multifocal lenses is outstanding:

  • If you kept as many presbyopes in contact lenses as patients age 18-34,
    you could nearly double your multifocal lens business1
  • 3 out of 5 presbyopic patients don’t know multifocal lenses exist
  • After hearing about multifocal lenses, 75% of patients using contact lenses with readers are interested in trying them2

Give the new generation of presbyopes incredible vision – and your practice higher profitability. Fit Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal lenses.

1 Source: 2006 Gallup, assumes average practice of 80 patients ages 35-49 per month

2 Results from 2005 Gallup study of the consumer contact lens market