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Soft Contact Lenses

Albino eye fitted with soft toric lens
Bare cornea/soft lens fitted/piggy back rigid lens
Calcium deposits on soft lens
Calculi deposits on surface of soft lens
Central folding in ultra-thin soft lens
Central hole in disposable contact lens (defect)
Corneal clearance with scleral lens (fluorescein)
Cosmetic deposit on soft lens
Cosmetic hand-painted soft lens with black/clear pupil
Crystalline deposits in cornea following soft lens extended wear
Deposits on high water content soft lens
Deposits on soft contact lens
Discoloured high water content soft lens
Distortion due to heat disinfecting Acuvue lens
Dried out soft lens
Edge profiles of collagen shield lenses
Fluorescence of high water content lens
Fluorescent soft lenses
Fungal contamination of soft lens
Fungal contamination of soft lens (high magnification)
Fungal contamination of torn soft contact lens
Fungal growth on soft lens
Fungi on soft lens
Hydrophobic soft lens surface
Infrared thermogram of soft lens surface
Inorganic film on soft lens
Iron particle embedded in soft lens, protecting cornea
Jelly bump on high water content lens
No distortion due to heat disinfecting control HEMA lens
Non-wetting silicone lens
Protein and calcium deposits on soft lens
Protein film
Pseudo-fungus on soft lens
Rigid centre/soft surround lens on post RK cornea
Rusting metallic deposits on low water soft lens
Semi-scleral contact lens fit (fluorescein)
Soft bandage lens
Soft bandage lens on trophic ulcer
Soft lens deposits
Soft lens fluting (fluorescein)
Soft lens under rigid lens piggy back (fluorescein)
Specular reflection on soft lens
Successful soft lens fit
Therapeutic soft lens
Therapeutic soft lens fitted in advanced bullous keratopathy
Therapeutic use of a soft tinted contact lens (centred)
Therapeutic use of a soft tinted contact lens (off centre)
Tinted prosthetic soft lens
Torn soft lens
Truncated toric soft lens fitting