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PureVision Contact Lenses Deliver Exceptional Health

PureVision lenses with patented AerGel silicone hydrogel material have overnight corneal swelling equivalent to wearing no lens at all.1

purevision deliver exceptional health

PureVision lenses Dk/t at -3.00D = 112 (non-edge corrected), 101 (edge corrected).

AerGel silicone hydrogel material coupled with Performa surface process delivers:

  • Enhanced wettability and deposit resistance without inhibiting
    oxygen or fluid transport.
  • High oxygen transmissibility for healthy, white eyes.
  • Reduced risk of hypoxic stress to help maintain excellent ocular health.
1 The illustrations represent results from a series of overnight corneal swelling clinical studies of adapted daily wear soft lens patients. For these investigations patients wore conventional hydrogel lenses (Dk/t ranged from 24 to 40), 100% silicone elastomer lenses (Dk/t > 200), PureVision lenses or no lens. A -3.00D lens was used for the overnight corneal swelling lens comparisons. Corneal swelling measurements were made following closed eye conditions for approximately 8 hours).