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PureVision Multi Focal Contact Lenses Visual Quality

PureVision Multi-Focal lenses give presbyopes the ideal solution for crisp, clear, vision, near far and in-between.

Patients are unaware of multifocal lenses–and need you to bring the option to them.

  • More than half of all presbyopes don’t know that multifocal contact lenses are an option.2
  • Once aware of multifocal lenses, 74% of current lens wearers and 61% of spectacle or bifocal wearers are interested in trying them.2

Aberration Control and Visual Performance

With PureVision Multi-Focal lenses, presbyopic patients experience:

  • Overall visual results comparable to those achieved with SofLens Multi-Focal lenses.4
  • Exceptional performance in the intermediate range, where most patients experience much of their lives.
  • Excellent distance performance, which most emerging presbyopes will not compromise for better near vision.
  • Easy adaptation without the visual tradeoffs of monovision.

2 Results from the 2005 Gallup study of the consumer contact lens market.

4 Results from a multi-center clinical evaluation which compared SofLens Multi-Focal lenses to PureVision Multi-Focal lenses. A total of 158 patients were enrolled in the 2-month crossover evaluation.