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A family of designs built for fitting flexibility

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The BE Retainer is a design using the Bausch & Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment VST™ process where each BE Retainer is custom fit to the patient's specific corneal shape which can only be determined utilizing topographical information. The BE Retainer system consists of a 25 retainer trial set and BE Studio software. The BE Retainer allows the practitioner to be in control of the total fitting process through the use of proprietary BE software. The software aids the practitioner in the trial retainer determination, problem solving, custom retainer construction, and will also predict the amount of refractive change possible and potential treatment zone size.

Labs manufacturing and/or distributing BE Retainer design:

In the USA:

Lab Name

City, State

Phone #

ABB/Concise     Alameda, CA 800-772-3911

BE Enterprises



Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc.

Manchester, NH


Essilor Contact Lens Division

Denver, CO


Essilor Contact Lens Division

Tulsa, OK


Essilor Contact Lens Division

Dallas, TX


In Canada:

Precision Technology Services



Les Laboratoires Blanchard

Sherbrooke, Quebec