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Read what people are saying about renu® fresh™ multi-purpose contact lens solution*:


I would like to say, "I love the new look of the bottle, clear!" I now know exactly what I have left. I am just so amazed and showed everyone in my office! I am just speechless. O and the box is nice as well. I felt as if I open a miracle when I opened that box after over 15 plus years! Whoever, came up with the make over is amazing! - Bobby

I am already a user of renu fresh. I especially like the new packaging so you can see exactly how much solution is in the bottle. have been a user of your product for 25 plus years!   Again, kudos to the new clear bottle. - Pam

I wanted to write to complement the redesign of the renu bottles. My grocery store is selling them in the box of two 8 oz. bottles, which is a nice size. Also, I love the clear textured bottle...it's easy to see how much solution I have left, and the texture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but helps me grip if my hands are slippery. Nice job! - Maureen


Getting used to the new Bausch+Lomb renu packaging. Finally- a clear bottle! How nice to be able to see how much solution is left

dude thats the one! i like using renu from
 bausch and lomb it works way better package design

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