Our Diversity Commitment

Bausch + Lomb will accomplish its global commitment to diversity by simultaneously nurturing the diversity of thinking, ideas, and outlook that already exists in Bausch + Lomb's workforce, and through consistent and aggressive efforts to attract, develop and retain talented people with a variety of perspectives from all cultures and population segments.

This commitment is made with the strong belief that as we strive to expand and access new markets that a diverse group of talented and committed people, working in an environment that enables them to apply their collective talents to our shared principles and commitments, delivers the greatest value to our customers, employees and shareholders alike.

Diversity Initiatives

Creative Learning
Our eLearning courses provide convenient way for individuals to be in control of their learning and career development. One can participate in Leadership, communication, business, and professional development courses.

Diversity Awareness/Training
To promote diversity throughout our organization, we offer diversity training, seminars, guest speakers and roundtable discussions focused on driving fundamental changes in behavior and understanding.

Work/Life Balance
We strive to give employees the tools and resources needed to attain their career goals and aspirations. A variety of programs are available to help employees manage work and life needs in areas such as child and elder care, flexible work schedules and tuition assistance.

Community Based Involvement
We participate in a wide variety of community-based organizations which promote diversity. Our efforts include the creation and leadership of a region-wide diversity council composed of 17 companies.

Bausch + Lomb is an Equal Opportunity Employer.