Internships and Co-ops for Students

Our internships and co-ops offer you real-time experience and a competitive advantage once you graduate. You’ll have a chance to enhance your networking skills and build valuable relationships across our business functions.

As an intern, you may be hired for a 3-month, full-time assignment, or you may participate in a part-time internship where you only work part-time, or for a specific time period, while attending classes at your high school/college or university.

Co-op opportunities are typically a six-month, full-time. Generally you would take a full semester off from school for co-op assignments. Depending on the college or university, students may receive credit for their co-op work experience.

How to find internship opportunities

First, view our current list of available internships From there you can apply for opportunities that best match your interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my resume?

Resumes are accepted online at Click Here to submit your resume.

What areas do you recruit for?

Bausch + Lomb recruits students from a variety of disciplines including: Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, Operations, Human Resources, Engineering, and Research + Development.

Will you be visiting my campus?

Bausch + Lomb visits numerous colleges and universities across the country. To find out if we'll be visiting your campus, please check with your Career Services Office.

Where are your internships located?

We offer a limited number of internship positions at Bausch + Lomb facilities throughout the U.S.

Bausch + Lomb is an Equal Opportunity Employer.