Grants and Charitable Contributions

Bausch + Lomb is committed to good corporate citizenship and donates to organizations worldwide that support our mission of helping people see better so that they can live better.

Bausch + Lomb’s Grants & Charitable Contributions Program accomplishes this by:

  • Supporting innovative eye health education and research with our customers and industry partners (CME & IR Grants)
  • Supporting community-based, enriching programs which have a demonstrated capacity for sustainability that: 
    • Focus on improving eye health or;
    • Enhance science, engineering and health care education for primary and secondary education or;
    • Create tangible community health and wellness betterment in regions where the Company has major operations;
  • Supporting mission trips and disaster-relief efforts by donating products where there is an eye-health related need.

Please note that we do not provide grants or charitable contributions via courtesy advertising, fund-raising events (like raffles and golf tournaments) or to governments, politicians, political or fraternal organizations.

Submit a Proposal

Through our website you will be able to create an account and submit a detailed application for your program or idea. Your application will be reviewed by a team of Bausch + Lomb professionals, and you will be notified via email of the outcome of your application (please allow six to 12 weeks for your proposal to be reviewed and a decision to be received).

For additional information about the grants and charitable contribution options or to preview the application questions, click the funding types listed: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Translated application questions are available in .pdf form for the options listed (via the links above) for reviewing purposes only. Your application MUST be submitted in the English language by clicking below to submit your proposal or log into your account:


*View step-by-step instructions on how to create an account and submit a proposal here(1.2 MB, PDF).

Our Grants & Charitable Contributions Program is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. Approval of grants and charitable contribution funding is never related to or conditioned upon past prescriptions or purchases of Bausch + Lomb products. Further, we do not offer or provide grants or charitable contributions to encourage or to reward the prescription, purchase, ordering, or recommending of Bausch + Lomb products.

Grants and Charitable Contributions Brochure

For more information on Bausch + Lomb’s grants and charitable contributions program, click your preferred language:

English(348.9 KB, PDF) | Chinese (Simplified)(407.5 KB, PDF) | Chinese (Traditional)(414.9 KB, PDF) | French(352.5 KB, PDF) | German(352.7 KB, PDF) | Italian(351.4 KB, PDF) | Japanese(407.9 KB, PDF) | Korean(440.1 KB, PDF) | Polish(438.5 KB, PDF) | Portuguese(350 KB, PDF) | Russian(428.5 KB, PDF) | Spanish(347 KB, PDF)

Let us Assist You

We’re pleased to assist you with your application process. If you need help, please email

Social Investing

bausch-and-lomb-social-investingAs part of our corporate philanthropy, social investments (8.8 MB, PDF)are made supporting research and engaging in charitable giving.