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FOR RELEASE 6/25/2009, Thursday

Bausch & Lomb Launches Silverstein Instruments for MICS™ 1.8mm Surgery

ALISO VIEJO, CALIF. – Bausch & Lomb Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments announced the release of the Silverstein instruments for MICS 1.8mm surgery. Steven Silverstein, M.D., of Kansas City, Missouri, presents his cataract instrument tray for 1.8mm micro incision cataract surgery which includes several unique designs.

This set includes three new designs specific to the MICS procedure. One of those designs is the Silverstein MICS 1.8mm Capsulorhexis Forceps, a unique styled forceps which is ultra-thin profile, allowing maximum maneuverability through a sub-2.0mm incision without oar-locking or unnecessary distortion of the wound architecture during capsulorhexis. In addition, the 6.0mm marks on the anterior blade surface allow the surgeon to create a consistent, central capsulorhexis.

The second design is a modernized version of the Wiles Hydrodissection Cannula. This thin profile “J” style cannula allows easy manipulation in and out of the sub-2.0 mm wound, while providing an adequate irrigating stream for both hydrodissection and hydrodelineation, as well as sub-incisional cortical clean up.

The Silverstein Phaco Manipulator & Quick Chop is the third new design included in this set. This universal slimmed profile crystalline lens manipulator benefits from a chopper on one end, and a spatulated paddle on the opposite end, in order to accommodate any phaco technique, or density of lens material.

In addition to the previously mentioned designs, the Silverstein set also includes a 1.8mm diamond keratome, a 45-degree I/A tip with handpiece, a 27-gauge silicone capsule polisher and a 2.8mm diamond keratome. A video of the complete set in use can be viewed by visiting



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