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Global Study Reveals Patients’ Vision Care Priorities

Vision is the Most Compelling Feature When Choosing Eye-Related Products

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — In a recent global study to determine the hierarchy of vision-corrected patient needs, seeing better was the most important consideration for selecting eye care products.

The Needs, Symptoms, Incidence, Global Eye Health Trends (NSIGHT) study surveyed 3,800 spectacle- and contact lens-corrected subjects, 15 to 65 years of age, from seven different countries (China, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States). The current analysis aimed to determine a hierarchy of patient needs in the selection of eye-related products, based on respondents’ scoring of 40 features representing eight categories of potential product features.

The NSIGHT study revealed that product benefits relating to vision quality are highly important to patients all around the world. When patients are asked to trade off various functional needs relative to eye care products, comfort becomes only half as important as vision quality. “NSIGHT validated that clear, crisp vision is a top priority for our patients,” commented Carla Mack, O.D., F.A.A.O., director, Global Medical Affairs for Bausch + Lomb.

The eight categories of eye care product benefits, in descending order of importance to patients, were vision, health, environment, eye condition, convenience, comfort, personal performance and personal appearance. Surprisingly, comfort came in sixth out of eight possible categories.

“These data highlight a need to get ‘back to basics’ and focus on vision. Patients and consumers have spoken: We should take heed of their hierarchical needs. Too many practitioners have lost sight of this basic premise,” commented Alan Saks, MCOptom, F.A.A.O., a private practitioner from Auckland, New Zealand.

The study, commissioned by Bausch + Lomb, was conducted by an independent market research firm, Market Probe: Europe. Additional analyses and reports from the exhaustive data obtained in NSIGHT are expected to appear in optometry journals and professional congresses throughout 2011.

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