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Bausch + Lomb Announces Availability of First and Only 27-Gauge Diamond Dusted Membrane Scraper and 27-Gauge Directional Laser Probe

Two Major Additions to the Company’s Extensive 27-Gauge Retina Instrument Portfolio to be Featured at ASRS



BRIDGEWATER, NJ – Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health company, today announced the availability of the first and only 27-gauge Diamond Dusted Membrane Scraper and 27 gauge Directional Laser Probe, the latest additions to Bausch + Lomb’s extensive 27-gauge product portfolio for retina surgeons. The company will feature these two new instruments, among several other retina innovations, at the Bausch + Lomb booth (#103) at the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) Meeting, August 9-14 in San Francisco, CA.


“We are happy to add these two unique 27-gauge instruments to our already robust retina portfolio,” said Andrew Chang, senior vice president and general manager, U.S. Surgical, Bausch + Lomb. “We understand the advantages that 27-gauge surgery provides to retina surgeons and their patients, as well as the challenges posed by the limitations of smaller gauge instrumentation. The introduction of the 27-gauge Diamond Dusted Membrane Scraper and Directional Laser Probe, which incorporates Bausch + Lomb’s fiber technology, are the result of our commitment to addressing these challenges, and helping surgeons deliver better patient outcomes.”

The 27-gauge Diamond Dusted Membrane Scraper features a diamond dusted, silicone tip, designed to atraumatically facilitate the peeling of internal limiting membranes (ILM) or epi-retinal membranes (ERM) during macular hole or macular pucker surgery.


The 27-gauge Directional Laser Probe passes in and out of the cannula in a straight position. The straight format reduces the risk of bumping the natural lens when entering the eye and provides the ability to work around the posterior pole when applying laser treatment. Patented moving tube technology allows the probe to adjust from straight to a curve of 85 degrees without actuating the fiber toward the retina. Unlike standard straight and curved laser probes, the generous curve of the Directional Laser Probe makes the extreme periphery accessible to the surgeon in 27-gauge surgery. The 27-gauge Directional Laser Probe is compatible with most modern retinal lasers.


“The use of 27-gauge instrumentation makes for a less invasive procedure than with larger gauge instruments, but the variety of products has been somewhat limited,” said Kevin J. Blinder, M.D., from the Retina Institute in St. Louis, MO. “These two new products offer the control and usability typically provided by 23- and 25-gauge instruments with the added benefits of their smaller size, which may help surgeons work more safely, efficiently and effectively.”


The 27-gauge Diamond Dusted Membrane scraper and the 27-gauge Directional Laser Probe will be available for surgeons to test at the Bausch + Lomb wet lab located at booth #103 at ASRS. Bausch + Lomb’s complete line of 27-gauge instruments will also be available to trial and includes the following products:

  • Directional Laser Probe - 55.27.27
  • Diamond Dusted Membrane Scraper - 20.04.27S
  • Tewari Omnicep Forceps - 39.15.27PIN
  • Curved Laser Probe - 55.23.27
  • Straight Laser Probe - 55.21.27
  • Mid-field Light Pipe - 56.22.27P
  • Focal Light Pipe - 56.02.27P
  • Oshima Vivid Chandelier - 56.54.27P
  • Tano Asymmetrical Forceps - 39.03.27PIN
  • Eckardt Forceps - 39.08.27PIN
  • BiPolar Cautery - 53.00.27
  • Hubbard Viscodissector -12.06.27
  • Soft Tip Cannula - 30.08.27


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