Second Tier Relationships

Bausch + Lomb benefits from having Supplier Diversity Development as an integral part of the purchasing process. We trust that your company also values and prioritizes the inclusion of diverse owned businesses in your purchases, and that you have measures in place to determine your progress in this area.

To qualify as 2nd Tier spend:

  • Direct Purchases – This represents the portion of the total price of products/services purchased by your company from diverse suppliers for direct use by Bausch + Lomb.
  • Indirect Purchases – This represents purchases from diverse suppliers by your company that were not specifically in support of Bausch + Lomb.

Online Quarterly Reporting Tool

To facilitate reporting, Bausch + Lomb will be adding an online quarterly reporting tool.

Quarterly reports are due within 14 calendar days of quarter end:

1st Quarter ends:

March 31

2nd Quarter ends:

June 30

3rd Quarter ends:

September 30

4th Quarter ends:

December 31