Using Eye Drops

  • Tilt your head back.

  • Pull your lower lid away from your eye to form a "pocket" by either (1) pulling your lower lid down with your index finger or (2) pinching the lower lid with your thumb and index finger and pulling out.

  • Hold the bottle upside-down with the other hand, and let a drop fall into the "pocket." Don't let the tip of the bottle touch your eye or eyelid.

  • Close your eyes (don't blink) and apply light pressure to the point where your lids meet your nose. Hold for two to three minutes.

  • Before you open your eyes, wipe the unabsorbed drops and tears from the closed lids with a tissue.

If you are taking more than one type of eye medication at the same time, wait three to five minutes before using the second drops.

Safety Tips

  • Read and observe package instruction and warnings.

  • Don't share eye drops with another person.

  • Remove your contact lenses before using an eye drop that isn't specifically intended for use with contact lenses.

  • If you have any unusual or uncomfortable symptoms while using eye drops, contact your eye care professional immediately.

If the drops you are using don't provide relief from the symptoms you are having, contact your eye care practitioner.