How to care for your soft contact lenses with PeroxiClear Solution:

PeroxiClear - Red tip on bottle

PeroxiClear Solution - Directions for Use

Always wash, rinse and thoroughly dry your hands before handling your lenses.

PeroxiClear - Directions for Use

1. Place lenses in special lens case baskets. Only use the lens case provided.

2. Rinse each lens for 5 seconds with PeroxiClear over a sink or basin.

3. Fill lens case to line with PeroxiClear and secure lid. Do not invert or shake case.

4. Leave soaking in lens case for at least 4 hours.

5. Lenses are ready to use.

The red tip means DO NOT put peroxide solution directly in the eye. Failure to follow directions for use will result in burning and stinging. DO NOT place your lens into the eye until complete neutralization of the solution has occurred (minimum 4 hours). Do not rinse lenses with PeroxiClear solution prior to inserting lenses into your eyes. If you want to rinse your lenses, use a sterile saline solution.

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