Sjö Diagnostic Test

Sjo diagnostic tool

 is an in-office kit your eye doctor may use as a tool for early detection of Sjögren’s syndrome for patients with dry eye. Sjö is a proprietary, advanced diagnostic panel for early detection of this chronic disease.

Your dry eye symptoms may be rooted in a progressive autoimmune disease.

  • Sjögren’s syndrome is a serious autoimmune disease that causes damage to the exocrine glands, which are responsible for producing moisture, such as tear glands in the eye and salivary glands in the mouth.1,2,3
  • Currently, there is an average of nearly 3 years in receiving an accurate diagnosis.2
  • Early diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome can help to avoid severe complications.1

Talk to your eye doctor about getting tested for Sjögren’s syndrome. He/she may have the tools to help detect Sjögren’s syndrome earlier.4 For you, it's a simple procedure to get a blood sample for the test. 

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