When it comes to providing quality optics, there is no one better than Bausch + Lomb. From hand-held to hands-free, we offer precision optics and patented ergonomic designs for many different applications.

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Magnifiers with ErgoTouch Grip
Only Bausch + Lomb magnifiers incorporate precision optics and ergonomic properties for increased clarity and comfort during use.
Bar Magnifiers
Acrylic bar magnifiers lie flat on your page, doubling the height of letters while magnifying two lines of type at a time.
Illuminated Magnifiers
Choose from a variety of lighted magnifiers from Bausch + Lomb and Sight Savers Brand. These magnifiers offer versatility across a number of different applications.
Illuminated Coddington
Correction in the Coddington magnifiers is achieved through the use of a single thick lens with a central groove diaphragm. This provides for sharp, crisp images.