Try the new Bausch + Lomb Clens brand cleaning system for Apple products.

Bausch + Lomb Clens brand cleaning system is formulated to safely clean the display on all of your Apple electronic products. Clens brand safely and effectively cleans iPad and iPhone Multi-Touch displays with oleophobic coating. The unique Clens formula provides streak-free cleaning on your screen surface.

Bausch + Lomb Clens Home & Office Cleaning Kit cleans without dulling or discoloring your product’s surface so you can enjoy a clean, clear, vivid display.

  • Provides streak-free cleaning for Multi-Touch displays
  • Simple and convenient

The home and office kit contains 2 oz. of clens cleaning spray, 6 pre-moistened cleaning tissues and 1 polishing cloth.

Apple, ipad, and iphone are trademarks of Apple Inc.
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