Believe in Change: Integrating Enhanced Patient Communication Into Your Practice

Bausch + Lomb believes that innovation and change are key to creating better outcomes for your practice and your patients. Please find resources below that will help you and your staff to incorporate enhanced communication techniques into your practice.

Typical and Optimal Conversation Videos Featuring Dr. Ben Gaddie

The following videos demonstrate typical and optimal ways to interact with your patients. The examples will allow you to see how different communication techniques effect the patient's experience. Optimal conversations include the following techniques: 1. Uncover your patients' needs 2. Paint a picture of excellent vision 3. Prescribe a strong, relevant solution

Typical Conversation

Watch a typical conversation that is pleasant and upbeat, buy may not effectively uncover patient needs.

Optimal conversation with an Astigmatic Patient

Watch a conversation that incorporates patient-centered communication techniques.

Optimal conversation with a Presbyopic Patient

Watch a conversation that incorporates patient-centered communication techniques.



Additional Patient Communication Resources

Engagement with patients happens at multiple points within a practice. The following additional resources can help you to facilitate uptake of innovative communication techniques by everyone in your practice, including other eye care professionals and your staff.

Patient Communication Enhancement Guide

A patient communication enhancement guide for you to share with your office so everyone in your practice can optimize patient communications.

Enhancing the Patient Experience: Exercise

A downloadable worksheet that helps you map out and identify each person in your office that interacts with the patient and how they may be able to enhance their communication skills.

The Conversation Starter: A Priming Tool

A downloadable tool that helps your patients begin considering aspects of their vision that they may be interested in discussing with their eye care professional.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

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