Introducing Multifocal Lenses to Your Patients

- Kelly Kerksick, OD

Doctors who are successful at upgrading patients into multifocal lenses will say the key to their success is how they, along with their staff, communicate and position the upgrade to their patients.

I make my recommendation for multifocal contact lenses upon completion of the examination. I always like to validate my recommendation with an example of why it will be better for the patient. For instance, patients who have been wearing monovision really get excited to learn that there are technologies available that will allow them to see clearly with not just one eye, but with both eyes in the distance and up close. One of the points that I like to mention is that multifocals provide the patient with a more natural way of seeing. 

Other key talking points include adaptation and flexibility with multifocal contact lenses versus traditional spectacles. With regard to lens adaptation, many patients are concerned that a multifocal contact lens requires a lot of adaptation like traditional spectacles. Another concern from patients surfaces when patients have had a negative experience with progressive bifocals. Patients are always delighted to hear that they don't have to find the "sweet spot" in the bifocal portion of the multifocal contact lens. The ease of adaptation is a key factor that motivates patients into trying this new technology.