Our Commitment and Partnership with You

March 23, 2016

Dear Eye Care Professional:

As we near the end of the first quarter, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has been an exciting few years of partnership with you.  We, at
Bausch + Lomb, thank you for the invaluable role you play in helping us continue to develop exciting and innovative new products for the eye care community.  We deeply appreciate the insights and expertise you provide that help us meet you and your patient’s needs. 

With your partnership over the last three years, we’re excited to share that the Bausch + Lomb Surgical business is strong and growing, yielding more than 40% growth in the U.S. alone. We are extremely pleased with this progress, but it is only the beginning.

Our vision is to be your preferred partner of choice in retina, cataract, and for all your surgical needs, so we are excited to share some of our recent progress as we continue to provide best-in-class products, education, and support to help you and your practices grow:

We have expanded our support for you and your patients. 

  • Our sales and clinical support has grown by 20%
    We are committed to providing you with more touch points that allow us to better identify and serve your evolving needs.

  • Invested more than $20 million in resident education, educational & charitable grants.
    We are committed to supporting outstanding educational programming at ophthalmic congresses and society meetings, as well as sponsoring an array of CME-accredited publications and online offerings.  Altogether, Bausch + Lomb has allocated more to professional education in 2016 than ever before. This is our most significant investment in your success to date.

We are continuing to build upon our strong product portfolio.  

  • We will deliver innovations in cataract, retina and refractive surgery
    We now have the strongest pipeline in the company’s history. In addition to expanding our portfolio, w
    e’re continuously working on ways to improve our existing products.  With over 30 projects in R&D serving the future of Surgical Ophthalmology, we are excited to bring forward our latest enhancements and product lines to you and your patients.

  • We’re creating new opportunities through business development and R&D
    Your needs are constantly evolving, and we are building a surgical business that is growing with you. By acquiring and/or investing in companies such as Synergetics, Cirle, Croma, Acrivet, and Medicem, we are building upon our rich portfolio of products to offer you a broader mix of tools and equipment and provide the best long term quality of vision for your patients.

Thank you for the invaluable role you play in guiding our development of exciting and innovative products. We truly appreciate your dedication and passion to advancing ophthalmology, and we look forward to increasing our value as your preferred and trusted partner in ophthalmology.

You’ll be hearing from us again soon with more news about our products, services, and people. In the meantime, should you have any ideas, questions, or comments that you’d like to share, please do not hesitate to email me directly at Andrew.Chang@bausch.com.

With thanks and best regards,


Andrew Chang                                                                                            

General Manager and Senior Vice President                                                      
U.S. Surgical, Bausch + Lomb