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Scleral Lens Care Kit

Get the convenience of a single kit featuring products to insert, remove, and care for scleral lenses. Available with or without Boston SIMPLUS, this kit also includes:

  • ScleralFil preservative free saline solution (box of 30)
  • Boston scleral lens case
  • 2 scleral lens insertion tools
  • 2 scleral lens removal tools
  • Mirror with two levels of magnification
  • Zippered travel pouch
  • Scleral lens instruction card



ScleralFil preservative free saline solution

From Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products lens care products, ScleralFil—indicated as a scleral insertion solution—is an alternative for rinsing and inserting scleral lenses. It is a sterile, buffered isotonic saline solution that can be used to rinse soft and gas permeable lenses.

ScleralFil features:

  • Buffered to maintain pH
  • Travel-friendly, single-use, 10 mL vials stand upright
  • Each carton contains a 30-day supply
  • Indicated for soft and gas permeable lenses


See ScleralFil preservative free saline solution Package Insert (449 KB, PDF)



Scleral Lens Case

The Boston Scleral Lens Case is designed to hold scleral lenses of up to 23.5 mm in diameter and up to 10.0 mm in sagittal depth.



Patient Insertion and Removal Card


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