SofLens Toric for Astigmatism


SofLens Toric For Astigmatism contact lens - a lens fit for your astigmatic patients. Ideal for current soft toric lens wearers who require visual acuity and comfort with the health and convenience of disposable lenses; astigmatic spectacle wearers who want the convenience of contact lenses; and spherically masked astigmatic patients looking for better visual acuity.

The patented Lo-Torque design results in excellent stability. The lens is manufactured using the FormCast manufacturing process. The anterior surface of the lens contains the spherical power, prism ballast and comfort chamfer feature of the lens. The posterior surface is manufactured with a spherocylindrical curve to accommodate the required astigmatic power.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Time-tested, deposit resistant material for excellent comfort
  • High water, high oxygen permeability
  • 7-day continuous wear*
  • Visibility tint



alphafilcon A

Water Content:


Oxygen Permeability:

32 x 10–11[cm3 O2 (STP) x cm]/(sec x cm2 x mmHg) @ 35° C (Polarographic Method)

Orientation Method:

Lo-Torque Design

Guide Mark System:

3 marks at 5, 6, 7 o'clock (30º apart)

Base Curve:

8.5 mm 


14.5 mm


Sph: +6.00 to -6.00D in 0.25D steps, -6.50D to -9.00D in 0.50D steps
Cyl: -0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25, -2.75 (-2.75 available from Plano to -9.00D)
Axis: 0° to 180° in 10° Increments

Lens Prism:

Prism is located at the base of the lens to stabilize lens positioning when the lens is on eye.

Comfort Chamfer:

A wedge-shaped tapered section on the anterior surface of the lens from the 3 to 9 o’clock areas; reduces lens thickness

Center Thickness:

0.190mm @ -3.00D (varies with power

Visibility Tint:



Daily wear or extended wear for up to 7 days* between removals for cleaning and disinfection or disposal of the lens, as recommended by the eye care practitioner.

Disinfection Methods

  • Chemical
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

SofLens Toric for Astigmatism : Additional information

*SofLens Toric for Astigmatism contact lenses are indicated for daily wear or extended wear of up to seven days. As with any contact lens, problems can result in serious injury to the eye, including loss of vision, and clinical studies have shown that the risk of serious adverse reactions is increased when lenses are worn overnight. It is essential that patients follow the eye care practitioner’s direction and all labeling instructions for proper use of lenses and lens care products. Consult the package insert for complete information.