Gas Permeable Contact Lens Designs

Bausch + Lomb Boston Lens Designs

Bausch + Lomb's commitment to the field of gas permeable (gp) contact lens research has resulted in the introduction of innovative gp lens materials and lens care products throughout the company’s history. Here are gp contact lens designs from the Boston brand:

Boston MultiVision Contact Lenses
Boston MultiVision gas permeable (gp) lens design is manufactured in Boston ES material* to help answer the needs of the growing presbyopic population.
Boston Envision Contact Lenses
Boston Envision bi-aspheric back surface lens design is manufactured in Boston EO material* and combines features of both gp material and lens design to provide comfort for the wearer and streamline the fitting process for the practitioner.
Zenlens and Zen RC scleral lenses
Learn more about Zen Multifocal scleral lens design, Zenlens scleral lens for irregular corneas and Zen RC scleral lens for regular corneas in the recommended material of Boston XO (Boston XO2 on request).


* Other Boston materials may be available. Contact your Authorized Boston Lab.


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