Vitrase (hyaluronidase Injection) Ovine, 200 USP Units/mL

vitraseVitrase is indicated as an adjuvant (a) in subcutaneous fluid administration for achieving hydration, (b) to increase the dispersion and absorption of the other injected drugs and (c) in subcutaneous urography for improving resorption of radiopaque agents.

Vitrase is available in 200 USP Units/mL vials in sterile solution. 

Important Safety Information

  • Vitrase (hyaluronidase injection) is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to hyaluronidase or any other ingredient in the formulation. A preliminary skin test for hypersensitivity to Vitrase can be performed. Discontinue Vitrase if sensitization occurs.

  • Hyaluronidase should not be injected into or around infected or acutely inflamed area because of the danger of spreading to a localized infection. Hyaluronidase should not be used to reduce the swelling of bites or stings.

  • Vitrase (hyaluronidase injection) should not be applied directly to the cornea.

  • Vitrase should not be used for intravenous injections because the enzyme is rapidly inactivated.

  • The most frequently reported adverse reactions have been local injection site reactions. Hyaluronidase has been reported to enhance the adverse reactions associated with co-administered drug products. Edema has been reported most frequently in association with hypodermoclysis. Allergic and anaphylactic-like reactions have been reported, rarely.

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