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New Parameters Provide a Broader Offering for Presbyopic Patients with Astigmatism

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., June 23, 2021 – Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health business, today announced the U.S. launch of expanded parameters for Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lenses. The expansion, which includes the addition of -2.25D and -2.75D cylinder power parameters, will be part of the company’s standard offering of the lens and will extend the power range available to eye care professionals and their patients who have both astigmatism and presbyopia.

“We developed Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism lenses in order to provide patients with astigmatism and presbyopia a readily available multifocal toric lens that provides clear vision at all distances and exceptional comfort,” said John Ferris, vice president and general manager, U.S. Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb. “The expansion of parameters for these lenses represents our continued commitment to supporting the various vision and lifestyle needs of patients, particularly this patient population who were previously challenged due to a lack of convenient lens options.”

There are an estimated 32 million people in the United States living with both astigmatism and presbyopia who could potentially wear contact lenses, however, historically, there have been few readily available soft contact lens options without compromise, making it challenging for eye care professionals to fit these patients. Presbyopes with astigmatism are nearly twice as likely as presbyopes without astigmatism to be former contact lens wearers. Importantly, 95% of eye care professionals agreed that Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism allows them to successfully fit patients who have previously dropped out of contact lenses1.

“Astigmatic presbyopes have been underserved for many years. The vision correction options for these patients have come with various levels of compromise, and fitting them has traditionally been a time consuming, trial-and-error process,” said Gina Wesley, O.D., Complete Eye Care, Medina, MN. “With the additional parameters of Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism lenses, I look forward to being able to fit more of my presbyopic patients with astigmatism.”

To enhance the contact lens wearing experience and address these needs, Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lenses have been engineered for maximized wearing comfort, exceptional visual clarity and stability, along with the convenience of same-day in-office fitting during the initial exam2. Eight out of 10 (89%) of eye care professionals agreed that it is easy to get a successful fit with Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism lenses during the first visit1, and 91% of patients surveyed agreed that these lenses are comfortable throughout the day3.

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About Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism Lenses
In June 2019, Bausch + Lomb launched Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism lenses, a monthly silicone hydrogel lens that was specifically designed based on feedback from eye care professionals to address the vision needs of patients with both astigmatism and presbyopia. The lenses combine the company’s unique 3-Zone Progressive multifocal design with the stability of its OpticAlign® toric design and MoistureSeal® technology.

About Bausch + Lomb
Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health business of Bausch Health Companies Inc., is solely focused on helping people see better to live better. Its core businesses include over-the-counter products, dietary supplements, eye care products, ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, lens care products, ophthalmic surgical devices and instruments. Bausch + Lomb develops, manufactures and markets one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry, which is available in approximately 100 countries. More information can be found at

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  2. All Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lens parameters are made readily-available in eye care professional fitting sets, with the exception of -2.75D cylinder power, which is available to order as a standard offering.
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