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10/23/2008, Thursday

FOR RELEASE 10/23/2008, Thursday

Bausch & Lomb Highlights SofLens® Daily Disposable Contact Lenses at American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting

The Only Daily Disposable Contact Lens with High Definition Optics™ and ComfortMoist™ Technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Bausch & Lomb will be highlighting the only daily disposable contact lens with High Definition™ Optics and ComfortMoist™ technology — SofLens® daily disposable contact lenses — at the American Academy of Optometry annual meeting.

This innovative contact lens provides wearers with crisp, sharp vision and outstanding all-day comfort plus the convenience of a daily disposable lens.

“At Bausch & Lomb, we focus on perfecting vision and enhancing lives. We are thrilled to provide SofLens daily disposable contact lenses to eye care professionals and their patients as the ultimate combination of long-lasting comfort and exceptional vision,” says Mike Pier, OD, director of professional relations, North American Vision Care, Bausch & Lomb.

Clear Crisp Vision
SofLens daily disposable contact lenses are the first daily disposable lenses with High Definition Optics, which is clinically proven to reduce spherical aberration and provide clear vision, especially in low-light conditions. The benefits to patients of spherical aberration reduction are two fold—reducing halos and glare as well as compensating for a loss of contrast sensitivity that may be inherent in the eye.

Outstanding All-Day Comfort
Designed to keep eyes clear, moist and comfortable, SofLens daily disposable contact lenses use ComfortMoist technology to achieve higher end-of-day comfort, a critical feature for those who wear their lenses for more than ten hours a day. This technology combines a unique lens design and a poloxamine packaging solution to attract moisture and work with the eye to develop sustained wetness, and thus enhanced comfort, throughout the day. SofLens even outperformed the leading daily disposable in both end-of-day comfort as well as less dryness when tested in a one-week clinical trial.

Upgrading Patients
SofLens daily disposable contact lenses are an easy fit and upgrade for patients currently wearing other contact lens modalities. Eye care professionals reported that 99 percent of patients were easy to fit with SofLens daily disposables. They are also an ideal option for patients with busy, active lifestyles as well as younger wearers who would benefit from the reduced spherical aberration. “We wanted to develop a contact lens that not only provided patients with a healthy, convenient and technologically superior lens, but a product that eye care professionals could incorporate easily in their practices. With new SofLens daily disposable contact lenses, we’ve achieved both,” continues Dr. Pier.

More facts about SofLens daily disposable contact lenses include:
• They reduce spherical aberration across the range of all lens powers and are designed with an aspheric anterior surface to improve contrast of the retinal image.
    o The typical eye has +0.15 microns of spherical aberration (with a 6.00 mm pupil) but with SofLens, spherical aberration is reduced to +0.04 microns making vision crisp and clear.
• Their posterior geometry uses central spherical zone with tangential peripheral bevel zone making these lenses an easy refit for eye care professionals.
SofLens daily disposables have a reduced mass lens design making them more comfortable than other one-day lenses.
    o Their posterior optic zone is 11.8 with a center thickness of .09 mm versus 12.4 mm and .09 mm, respectively, of a one-day lens.

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