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3/19/2010, Friday

FOR RELEASE 3/19/2010, Friday

Bausch + Lomb Relaunches renu®fresh™ Multi-Purpose Solution, Now Available in a Clear Bottle

New Survey Shows Consumers View the Start of Spring as an Opportunity to Refresh Their Outlook and Daily Rituals

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- In an effort to help consumers have a fresh outlook on their daily lives, Bausch + Lomb announced today the relaunch of renu® fresh™ multi-purpose contact lens solution. Now available in a clear bottle, renu® fresh™ multi-purpose solution allows contact lens wearers to see exactly how much solution is remaining. The new packaging is easier to recycle, making it more environmentally friendly. renu® multi-purpose solution enables users to embrace the comfort and freshness that accompany this change of season.

The relaunch of renu® fresh™ coincides with the arrival of spring, an ideal time for consumers to take a fresh look at their morning rituals. Life coach and lifestyle expert Meredith Haberfeld views the start of spring as a time to re-examine our daily routines and ensure that we are making choices that provide us with maximum benefit throughout the day.

“Spring is the ideal time to reassess our daily rituals and morning routines,” says Haberfeld. “For contact lens wearers, the arrival of spring provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at how we care for our eyes, and determine whether the products that we use help us to streamline our lives. Using a product like renu® fresh™ multi-purpose solution, which now comes in a clear bottle, allows contact lens wearers to know exactly how much contact lens solution is remaining, ultimately offering them a new level of control in their contact lens care routine.”

The start of spring: Taking time to refresh

A new survey that examined spring season rituals shows that consumers view the start of spring as an opportunity to refresh their outlook and daily rituals. One way consumers report refreshing their outlook is through “top-to-bottom” spring cleaning. Survey results reveal that:

  • Seventy-nine percent of consumers believe that spring gives them a fresh perspective on life.

  • Seventy-two percent of consumers see the spring season as a good time of year to re-evaluate their routines and rituals, including their personal care routines.

  • Seventy-five percent of consumers plan to do spring cleaning this year.

To help consumers use spring as a time to clean out their homes and adopt a fresh new outlook, Haberfeld offers the following tips:

  • Throw away expired or outdated products. Open your medicine cabinet and throw out anything expired or more than six months old. Refreshing the items in your daily life is a good way to give you a new perspective. 

  • Make a concrete plan of action for your spring cleaning – categorize your lists and write down some action steps.

  • Start somewhere smaller, like the bathroom, instead of dealing with a bedroom or living room first.

  • Clear out things you don’t use regularly or need. Organizing and prioritizing can help revitalize your outlook on life, in addition to your living space.

  • Donate clothes or shoes that you haven’t worn in two years – it will help clear the clutter and streamline your closet.

About renu® multi-purpose solution

The renu® brand is available in two formulations, renu® fresh™ and renu® sensitive™. renu® fresh™ is designed to fight germs and create a Cushion of Comfort™ between the eyes and lenses, while renu® sensitive™ has a gentle (yet effective) formula, minimizing irritation and burning for those with sensitive eyes. renu® products are proven to clean lenses, remove deposits and eliminate germs from your soft contact lenses.

renu® multi-purpose solution can be found in the eye care aisle at most food, drug or mass retailers.

Visit for more information and a coupon for your next purchase of renu®.


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About the Survey
StrategyOne conducted a survey among 1,021 Americans, aged 18 years or older, via telephone from February 18 through February 21, 2010. The data is representative of census data of the American population. The overall margin of sampling error is equal to ±3.1% at the 95% level of confidence, and is larger for sub-groups.

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