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11/1/2011, Tuesday

New Survey Shows That People Don’t Want to Live a Moment of Life with Poor Eye Sight

People are worried about the quality of their vision and the impact decreased eyesight will have on their lifestyle

Rochester, NY – New survey results from Bausch + Lomb show that as people think about aging, they want to preserve their eyesight for as long as possible. In fact, 61 percent1 of those surveyed said that poor eyesight would be one of the most difficult outcomes of aging to cope with. Furthermore, almost half (48 percent1) of survey respondents said that not being able to see well would make them feel their age, and 20 percent1 said not being able to drive at night would be problematic in later years.


The loss of clear vision can be difficult. However, changes in vision are frequently experienced as people age, and these changes are a normal part of the aging process. While the changes are normal, the loss of clear vision can still have an impact on a person’s quality of life. The survey, which examined vision-related issues, showed that it is more frustrating for people to deal with poor eye sight than poor hearing on a regular basis as they get older (only 40 percent1 of those surveyed indicated said they would rather have their hearing in old age, if forced to choose between dealing with poor eyesight and poor hearing). However, despite the fact that eyesight is something everyone wants to safeguard, many people are not conscientious about caring for their eyes and often neglect to schedule regular eye exams as they age. The eye doctor can assess changes in vision, and take preventive measures to protect vision.


“Life is full of beautiful moments, such as seeing your daughter walk down the aisle in her wedding dress, or seeing your grandson for the first time. Do everything you can to protect your vision so you don’t miss seeing an important moment in your lifetime,” said Michael Pier, OD, director professional relations for North America Vision Care. “Talk to your eye doctor to assess the naturally occurring changes in your eye, and to figure out what steps you can take to maintain your vision throughout your life.”


Many people over age 40 begin to experience vision problems. One common condition of aging, which affects everyone, is presbyopia (when the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus).  Presbyopia is one reason why people resort to drugstore reading glasses for reading.  However, many people can give up their reading glasses with the use of multi-focal contact lenses (14 percent1 of survey respondents noted reading glasses would most make them feel “old”). Multi-focal contact lenses feature an optical design that allows for clear vision at all distances: near, far, and everywhere in-between.


“Multi-focal contact lenses make it possible for people with presbyopia to maintain sharp vision – and performance – even as their ability to focus on near and intermediate objects diminishes. Previous generations had to deal with the telling signs of bifocals or thick lenses in their glasses,” said Lisa VanDeMark, vice president marketing for North America Vision Care. “Today, multi-focal contact lenses provide wearers with the option to participate in their favorite activities, such as running and gardening, without the concerns associated with cumbersome glasses.”


As you age, it’s important that you have regular conversations with your eye doctor to ensure you are using the best vision correction product for your vision and lifestyle needs.


This survey was conducted in August 2011 by Kelton Research on behalf of Bausch + Lomb. 

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1 Kelton Research Breakout Report 


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