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11/29/2011, Tuesday

Consumers Use Unconventional Alternatives for Contact Lens Solution

Recent research shows consumers use bizarre and potentially damaging alternatives to multi-purpose contact lens solutions

Rochester, NY – A new study reveals that consumers have occasionally used unconventional solutions when they need to clean, disinfect, and store their contact lenses.   Baby oil, beer, Coke, petroleum jelly, lemonade, fruit juice, and butter are among the most unconventional and damaging alternatives to contact lens solution that contact lens wearers confessed to using in a study1 recently conducted in the United Kingdom. The research was conducted by the makers of BiotrueTM multi-purpose contact lens solution.


Twenty percent of respondents reported using an unconventional solution/lubricant when putting lenses in their eye. These alternatives are in no way designed for use in the human eye and are not safe alternatives for contact lens solutions.  In fact, these alternatives can be quite dangerous.  In addition to the inappropriate and unusual alternatives to contact lens solution, there was an overwhelming proportion of people that reported using saliva or tap water as a solution when putting lenses in their eyes.  The average adult mouth contains 500 to 650 different types of bacteria2. Both tap and distilled water may contain micro-organisms that can cause damage to the eye and have been associated with Acanthamoeba keratitis, a corneal infection that is resistant to treatment3.  
“It’s crucial for contact lens wearers to follow proper contact lens hygiene to maintain eye health and to keep their lenses clean and comfortable,” said Dr. Michael Pier, Director of Professional Relations, Bausch + Lomb, makers of Biotrue. “To take the best care possible of your lenses, avoid methods of cleaning disinfection, and lubrication that have not been approved for use with contact lenses and recommended by your eye care professional.  It is important to stick with the multi-purpose solution you’ve discussed with your doctor.”


All unconventional methods for cleaning, storing, disinfecting and lubricating contact lenses are not recommended for use and can cause damage to the eyes.


Multi-purpose contact lens solutions are specifically designed to keep contact lenses clean and clear, ensuring your eyes stay as healthy and comfortable as possible. Biotrue multi-purpose solution is designed to work like the human eye, which naturally cleans, hydrates and keeps itself healthy. Biotrue helps keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours4and has exceptional disinfection efficacy5. It is formulated to work like the eye with three bio-inspired innovations:


  • matches the pH of healthy tears to help make putting in contact lenses more comfortable
  • includes a lubricant found naturally within the eyes
  • maintains certain healthy tear proteins

Biotrue is available at all major retailers and from eye care professionals. Patients should consult their eye care professional to determine which multi-purpose solution is best for them.


For further information, and a full store locator list, log onto


Biotrue multi-purpose solution, inspired by the biology of your eyes®


Biotrue™ multi-purpose solution is currently available in the U.S. Biotrue™, featuring a clear bottle that allows you to track how much solution remains, comes in a range of sizes and can be found at most nationwide food, drug and mass retailers. Pricing is based on product size and varies from retailer to retailer. Biotrue™ is the newest in Bausch + Lomb’s portfolio of lens care products that also includes renu® fresh™ and renu® sensitive™ solutions.


For more information about Biotrue multi-purpose solution, please visit your local eye care practitioner


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1  Biotrue survey, 2,000 adult contact lens wearers (August 2011)
4 Results of in vitro study performed to evaluate the release of wetting agents from various silicone hydrogel lens materials over a 20-hour time period
5 Data on file 2009.  ISO/FDA Stand Alone Procedure for Disinfecting Products of BPZ02 Multi-Purpose Solution With and Without Organic Soil


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