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10/16/2017, Monday

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Hydrophobic, Acrylic Advanced Optic (AO) IOL with StableFlex™ Technology to Provide Controlled Unfolding, Excellent Stability and Improved Optical Recovery

BRIDGEWATER, New Jersey, Oct. 16, 2017
– Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health company, today announced the introduction of the enVista® MX60E with StableFlex™ technology. This lens is the next generation of Bausch + Lomb's hydrophobic acrylic lens, which provides improved material properties to enhance optic recovery following delivery.

“Bausch + Lomb understands that surgeons want an intraocular lens that will deliver the best possible visual outcome for their patients  and helps maximize procedural efficiency,” said Chuck Hess, vice president and general manager, U.S. Surgical, Bausch + Lomb. “The enVista MX60E is designed to deliver on both of these needs.”


The enVista MX60E features AccuSet™ haptics, which provides extensive interaction with the capsular bag to aid in securing the lens position through its offset design and broad contact angle. Additionally, the SureEdge™ used on the enVista MX60E offers a continuous 360-degree square edge design. Sharp edge design has been shown to reduce posterior capsular opacification (PCO) compared to round edge designs.1,2,3 

With its TruSight™ optic, enVista remains the first and only single-piece, hydrophobic acrylic IOL domestically available that has been proven to be glistening-free. Additionally, enVista has the potential for increased resistance to scratches and abrasions that may occur during loading and surgical manipulation. 


“As a long-time enVista user, I have seen the outstanding results that this AO lens delivers, and I’m looking forward to experiencing the added benefits that the enVista MX60E promises to deliver,” said Dee Stephenson, M.D., from Stephenson Eye Associates in Venice, Florida. “Highly controlled lens unfolding, which will allow for quicker optic stabilization, secures a place for this platform within my practice.” 

The enVista MX60E is Bausch + Lomb’s latest addition to its Advanced Optics (AO) family of IOLs, which provides surgeons with a uniform power from center to edge to allow consistent optical performance regardless of pupil size or IOL position.  Its aberration-free design provides for excellent visual outcomes for a wide range of patients.


The enVista MX60E will be commercially available in early 2018.  

About Bausch + Lomb
Bausch + Lomb, a Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. company, is a leading global eye health organization that is solely focused on protecting, enhancing and restoring people’s eyesight. Its core businesses include over-the-counter supplements, eye care products, ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, lens care products, ophthalmic surgical devices and instruments. Bausch + Lomb develops, manufactures and markets one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry, which is available in more than 100 countries.



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