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07/20/2020, Monday

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Innovative Software-Driven Lens System Designed to Support Eye Care Professionals In the Treatment of Myopia


BRIDGEWATER, N.J., [July 20, 2020] – Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health business of Bausch Health Companies Inc. (NYSE/TSX: BHC) (“Bausch Health”), today announced an exclusive licensing agreement with KATT Design Group, a company focused on the design and development of specialty contact lenses. The agreement provides Bausch + Lomb exclusive rights in the United States to manufacture and sell an advanced orthokeratology lens system, a new evolution in myopia treatment with a software driven design. Bausch + Lomb will market the system as the Bausch + Lomb Arise Orthokeratology System and expects to launch the system in the second half of 2020.

“Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, which currently affects more than 30 million Americans, is expected to impact approximately half of the world’s population by 2050,”1 said John Ferris, general manager, U.S. Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb. “The Bausch + Lomb Arise Orthokeratology System further diversifies our comprehensive and innovative portfolio of contact lenses and provides eye care professionals with a more customized solution to address the critical needs of patients living with myopia.”

The Bausch + Lomb Arise Orthokeratology System is an advancement in the approach to treating myopia with ortho-k in that it couples software driven lens design with an enhanced fitting experience for eye care professionals. The easy-to-use software fitting platform helps to streamline the approach to customization for each patient’s need.

The software fitting system utilizes a patient’s corneal topography images to intelligently identify and recommend lens design, including the correct landing zone for the patient. The system can determine smaller or larger optical zones to meet the needs of each patient, with the goal of delivering a more precise fit and improved outcomes. It can also optimize the lens if any modification is necessary, leveraging a library of topography images that facilitate and guide recommended parameter adjustments.

“The Bausch + Lomb Arise Orthokeratology System is designed to enable eye care professionals to more easily offer customized solutions for the growing population of patients with myopia,” said Bob Heavyside, president, KATT Design Group. “We believe the combination of our unique lens system and Bausch + Lomb’s extensive reach and leadership in the eye health industry will allow us to positively impact the vision of the millions of Americans living with myopia.”

About KATT Design Group
The KATT Design Group (KATT DG) is an international company comprised of researchers, clinicians, educators, and contact lens industry experts. Collectively, the KATT DG shares decades of experience in specialty contact lens design, manufacturing, technology, research and development, patient fitting, training, education, and study. This exceptional expertise has created many brand lens designs well recognized across the globe including: ICD® FlexFit scleral lens, BE FREE™ Advanced Ortho K Lens System and MOONLENS™ for Modern Myopia Management, just to name a few. KATT DG operates through eyecare industry lab partners worldwide. For more information, please contact KATT Design Group at

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1. Holden BA, et al. Global prevalence of myopia and high myopia and temporal trends from 2000 through 2050. Ophthalmology. 2016 Feb 11, 1036-1042.



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