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10/25/2007, Thursday

FOR RELEASE 10/25/2007, Thursday

Bausch & Lomb Educates Dieticians about Ocuvite Vitamins at the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference

Dr. Michael Cooney Delivered Special Breakfast Seminar on Age-Related Macular Degeneration and its Link to Eye Nutrition

PHILADELPHIA — Ophthalmologist and retina disease specialist Michael Cooney, MD, MBA, recently introduced Bausch & Lomb’s suite of Ocuvite® vitamins at the American Dietetic Association’s Food and Nutrition Conference (ADA FNCE). Dr. Cooney also gave a breakfast seminar for attending registered dieticians on the opening day of the conference to discuss the latest findings and developments surrounding the correlation between nutrition and eye health.


Bausch & Lomb participated in the conference to further associate Ocuvite eye vitamins as a nutrition-based solution for eye health and educate registered dieticians on macular degeneration and the importance of nutrition to help keep eyes healthy.


“The key components of the Ocuvite formulation are lutein and omega-3s, which are essential nutrients for baby boomers to help maintain their eye health as they age,” said Scott Chapman, director of marketing for OTC pharmaceuticals, Bausch & Lomb. “Our role at the ADA Food and Nutrition Conference was to educate dieticians and nutritionists about the importance of these nutrients so they can share that message with their patients, who may not be getting enough lutein and omega-3s in their diet.”


Ocuvite’s unique formula provides the nutrition eyes need to stay healthy as they age. The nutrients in Ocuvite, specifically lutein and omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, have been shown in recent studies to be associated with a decreased risk of age-related macular degeneration.


“Eyes need lutein and omega-3s to stay healthy in the same way that bones need calcium,” said Dr. Cooney. “Proper nutrition and regular examinations are vital to eye health, particularly as people age.”


The Ocuvite suite of vitamin and mineral supplements is the number one recommended brand of eye vitamins by eye care professionals. The product line includes Ocuvite® Adult, Ocuvite® Adult 50+ and Ocuvite® DF.


• Ocuvite® Adult is formulated for adults under 50 whose diets may not be giving them all of the appropriate nutrition needed for good eye health. These soft gels contain 100 mg of omega-3s and 2 mg of lutein, nutrients important to the health of the macula, the part of the eye responsible for central vision.

• Ocuvite® Adult 50+ is formulated with higher amounts of the essential nutrients that support macular health to meet the needs of adults over 50. These vitamins contain 150 mg of omega-3s and 6 mg of lutein.

• Ocuvite® DF is the latest Ocuvite formulation developed by Bausch & Lomb, is specifically formulated to meet the eye health needs of diabetic patients. Ocuvite DF contains an antioxidant called genistein, which, in combination with other essential nutrients and antioxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid, combats free radicals and helps reduce oxidative stress commonly associated with diabetes.


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