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9/12/2008, Friday

FOR RELEASE 9/12/2008, Friday

Bausch & Lomb Announces European Launch of Innovative Zyoptix® Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACE™) Technology at the ESCRS 2008

BERLIN, GERMANY — Bausch & Lomb is launching its latest refractive technology, the Zyoptix® Advanced Control Eyetracking Technology (ACE), at the ESCRS Congress in Berlin.

Designed to improve patient safety, ACE is the world’s first dynamic rotational eyetracking system that tracks and simultaneously adjusts the ablation pattern for the entire duration of the treatment. The ACE system is also able to track and simultaneously compensate for static rotational movement, pupil shift, saccadic movement in the x and y plane, and movement along the z plane, to provide more predictable and accurate outcomes.

Studies have demonstrated that dynamic eye rotations during treatment can reduce the predictability of patient outcomes, where 8.3% of all eyes rotate by more than 3 degrees during the treatment, with a maximum of 19 degrees of rotation.1 As with static rotation, which occurs when the patient moves from the upright to the supine position, a mismatch between the intended and actual laser ablation pattern can occur if no compensation for dynamic rotation occurs. The application of ACE with dynamic rotation reduces the risk of misalignment and improves compensation for both static and dynamic eye movements.

Fully automated Zyoptix Iris Recognition Technology for all of the Zyoptix treatments has been incorporated onto the new ACE system. The patented iris recognition technology creates and stores individual iris maps for rapid patient identification and increased safety.

As announced earlier this week, Bausch & Lomb intends to form a joint venture focused on the laser vision correction industry with 20/10 Perfect Vision AG, the femtosecond laser developer. The joint venture will combine the refractive eye surgery assets of both businesses, delivering 20/10 Perfect Vision’s promising new technology for the correction of presbyopia in conjunction with Bausch & Lomb’s development expertise and worldwide commercial reach. The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2008.


1. J M Hassel, T F Neuhann, B Lege, M Bauer: Dynamic rotational eyetracking DRET during the laser ablation delivers more safety and effectiveness for LASIK treatments. ESCRS 2006.


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